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Avant Garde Solution (P) Ltd. was established in 2010 by a dynamic and energetic team of engineers and researchers. The company combines specialists from diverse fields with unparalleled experiences, capabilities and business innovations to deliver customized and quality research-based solutions. The organization collaborates with researchers, technology experts, development organizations, entrepreneurs, industrialists and academicians to deliver robust and quality services with cutting edge technologies.

Avant Garde collaborates with clients on policy, business and social research on multidisciplinary areas. We conduct baseline and evaluation studies on behalf of development agencies working in the country. We provide innovative consultancy solutions in business models, portfolio management and enterprise development. With a rich experienced team of engineers, we conduct a feasibility study, solution architecture and project monitoring & evaluation in the field of information technology and telecommunication. We also conduct training and development programs on data analysis, marketing research and human resource development.

Avant Garde incorporates collaborative approach with stakeholders to provide customized products and services. We believe in delivering innovative solutions to our valued clients for their sustainable performance and better growth prospects. The organization and its team members follow social values and ethical practices. We aspire to be a change agent for our clients, people, and society in our area of focus.

Our main services include the following:

Market Research Services

Business and Management Consultancy Services

Development Cooperation Services

IT and Telecommunication Consultancy Services

Training and Development

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