Rules for articles submission

New:- Author name must be a real person name and in the following format: E.g:- First name and last name. If you want to change it goto your profile settings page and change “Pen Name“. If you don’t follow this rule your article will be rejected.

New:- I have seen people including symbols like (-) or (,) and some others too in the title of the article to make it distinct and catchy unnecessarily. From now irrelevant titles wont be allowed or your article will be directly deleted.Please make the title short and easy for users to understand.

New:- Article Title must not be very long as per search engine it should not exceed 65 characters.Same is with Meta Description it should not exceed 170 characters.

1. You can become TechyBonaet Affiliate only if your website contains any sort of information about online articles or article writing or any other similar resource. Feel free to mail us at

2. Your article must be in English with at least 200 words and must be properly divided into paragraphs or it will be rejected and if you continue to do the same mistake every time then it will be considered as spam and he/she will be banned.

3. You can add maximum 2-3 hyperlinks in body of article and 3 in resource box. If not followed correctly then your article will be rejected.

4. In submitting your articles to Techy Bonaet, you irrevocably grant others free usage rights to publish your articles. This includes publishing of the resource box that you provide which credits you as the author of the content. Your articles may be used in any way by anyone such as but not limited to: website publication, ezine publication, magazine publication, web blogs, forums and RSS syndication.

5. Any articles that you submit must be 100% your own work. You can not submit articles written by authors other than yourself unless you have explicit permission from them or you have established a copyright assignment agreement.

6. Submission of an article does not guarantee that it will be included in the . We reserve the right to reject any content for any reason.

7. Articles with any spelling or grammar errors or improper formatting will probably be rejected. It is your job to ensure you only submit professional content; please check your articles before submission.

8. Try to capture your readers interest early on in your article or write an enticing description.

9. Articles submitted to Techy Bonaet must contain content related to the predefined category. If you want to suggest a category feel free to mail us

10. The category selected for the article may be changed if a more suitable category exists.

11.Don’t spam on Techy Bonaet or you will be banned permanently.